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Figure 4. West Metro Education Program* Instructional Framework for Equitable Practices: Handout Used by FAIR Staff

West Metro Education Program Instructional Framework
Raise the achievement of all students.
Eliminate achievement gap and racial predictability in achievement results.

Relationships and Respect Meaningful and Relevant Learning High Expectations and Excellence
How does the teacher create a learning community in which all students How does the teacher engage all students in learning? How does the teacher maximize the academic achievement for all students?
  • Affirms cultural similarities and differences
  • Respects individual differences
  • Builds a personal relationship with each student that maximizes learning
  • Designs instruction and school work so students have opportunities to work with others
  • Provides opportunities for school work to be shared with persons important to the student
  • Creates an environment in which students are protected from adverse consequences for initial failure
  • Ensures students have access to time and other resources needed for optimum opportunities for success
  • Maximizes the participation of students with diverse learning and physical needs
  • Chooses content, instructional strategies, and materials that are significant to the discipline and meaningful to students
  • Communicates purpose and relevance of content, learning experiences, and school work
  • Selects and connects content, materials, and school work to students' interests, learning styles, and their racial and cultural experiences
  • Designs quality school work that students value
  • Provides opportunities that cause students to assume responsibility and become engaged in their learning
  • Causes students to analyze problems and use critical and creative thinking skills
  • Incorporates novelty, variety, and choice in instruction and school work
  • Differentiates instruction by choosing varied content, products, and processes
  • Aligns instruction to district curriculum
  • Sets clear and high expectations, including academic integrity, for all students
  • Establishes school work standards that are clear and important to students
  • Organizes instruction to ensure students have the skills needed to be successful
  • Provides sufficient rehearsal for students to gain content mastery
  • Promotes understanding of abstract ideas through application
  • Uses appropriate assessment strategies to plan and adjust for the academic growth for all students
  • Differentiates instruction to respond to students' prior knowledge, skills, and levels of learning
  • Collaborates with other staff members to identify and employ best practices for varied learners

*West Metro Education Program (WMEP) is an interdistrict consortium of ten suburban school districts and Minneapolis Public Schools. WMEP operates two magnet schools, including FAIR.

Source: FAIR (Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource School). Used by permission.

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