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Fig. 1: SEED School Course Sequence Overview Indicating the Ninth-grade Gate

The SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C.

Course Sequence Overview

(8/8/05 Pending Graduation Requirements Approval)

The Middle School

The middle school is a graded, student-centered program that aims to prepare students for success in a traditional, college preparatory upper school course sequence.

A two-year sequence which includes:
Life and Earth Science
The Arts
Technology Training

The Ninth Grade Gate

The Ninth Grade Gate is a standards-based list of skills that students entering the ninth grade must be able to perform in order to be a grade level and to embark on a college preparatory upper school curriculum. Students work on mastering these skills throughout the middle school course sequence. Students do not enter the upper school until they have mastered the Ninth Grade Gate skills.

The Upper School

The upper school is a traditional, college preparatory sequence of courses leading to college admission

Required Courses
9th Grade English I World Studies I Algebra I OR Geometry Physical Science OR Biology Spanish I Art and Health & Wellness Elective
10th Grade English II: World Literature World Studies II Geometry OR Algebra II Biology OR Chemistry Spanish II Technology and Health & Wellness Elective
11th Grade English III: American Literature OR AP Lang. & Comp. United States History OR AP US History Algebra II OR Pre-Calculus Physics OR Chemistry OR Pre-Engineering Spanish III Technology Elective and Junior Seminar and SAT II Prep
12th Grade British Lit/African-American Lit OR AP Lit & Comp Government, Politics, & Economics OR AP US Government Pre-Calculus/Calculus OR Business Math Pre_Engineering OR Elective Cultural Studies and DC History Elective Senior Seminar

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