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Table A1. Respondents* Interviewed for This Guide

Michele Diamond, Financial Consultant, Arizona Charter Schools Association Jay Kaprosy, formerly Legislative Liaison, Arizona Department of Education and now assisting Arizona Charter Schools Association with government relations Steven Race, Chief Financial Officer, Arizona Department of Education Eileen Sigmund, Chief Executive Officer, Arizona Charter Schools Association

Carol Barkley, Charter Schools Division Director, California Department of Education Shannon Farrell-Hart, education fiscal services consultant in the California Department of Education's School Facilities Planning Division Gary Geeting, former Charter Schools Division Interim Director, California Department of Education Katrina Johantgen, Executive Director, California School Finance Authority Barbara Kampmeinert, Project Management Supervisor, California Office of Public School Construction Adam Miller, Vice President of Finance and Member Services, California Charter Schools Association David Patterson, founder and Executive Director, Rocklin Academy Caprice Young, President and Chief Executive Officer, California Charter Schools Association

Bill Dougherty, financial advisor to Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority Jim Griffin, President, Colorado League of Charter Schools Clare Jozwiak, Accountant, Reporting and Analysis Division, Colorado State Treasury Jo Ann Soker, Executive Director, Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority

Jug Chokshi, Chief Financial Officer, Neighborhood House Charter School Cliff Chuang, Coordinator of Charter School Research and Finance, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Marc Kenen, Executive Director, Massachusetts Charter Public School Association Rebecca Sullivan, First Vice President, Massachusetts Development Finance Agency (MassDevelopment)

Andy DeYoung, Department Analyst, Office of Grants Coordination and School Support, Michigan Department of Education Kathleen O'Keefe, Financial Manager, Michigan Public Educational Facilities Authority Dan Quisenberry, President, Michigan Association of Public School Academies

Norman Chaffee, independent consultant on charter school facility issues, formerly with Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools Jon Schroeder, cofounder and former Director, Charter Friends National Network, now Senior Associate, Education Evolving

New Mexico
Lisa Grover, Executive Director, New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools

Kim Edwards, Executive Director, Texas Public Finance Authority Katie Howell, Executive Director, Resource Center for Charter Schools Mary Perry, Charter Schools Division Director, Texas Education Agency Judith Porras, General Counsel, Texas Public Finance Authority

Washington, D.C.
Robert Cane, Executive Director, Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS) Sam Gaillard, CFO, Friendship Public Charter Schools Inc. Stefan Huh, Director, Office of Public Charter School Financing and Support, D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education Joe Keeney, CEO and founder, 4th Sector Solutions Inc. William A. Liggins, Director, D.C. Revenue Bond Program, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development

Source: * Interview respondents were selected initially based on the recommendations of the external advisory group. This list was expanded when initial contacts suggested others who should be interviewed in order to get a more complete picture of charter facilities financing in the state.

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