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HEA: SFA Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnerships - FY 2006

CFDA Number: 84.069 - Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership

Program Goal: To help ensure access to high-quality postsecondary education by providing financial aid in the form of grants in an efficient, financially sound and customer-responsive manner.

Objective 1 of 1: Ensure that the persistence rate will increase for low- and middle-income students.
Indicator 1.1 of 1: Student Persistence
Measure 1.1.1 of 1: The student persistence rate for LEAP recipients.
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets

Source: IPEDS

Frequency: Annually.

Next Data Available: June 2008
Explanation: FY 2007 data will set the baseline. Providing program-specific data for this program will become feasible when individual student enrollment information is collected. The collection of student data at the individual unit record level will provide the information needed to calculate retention and completion rates for the individual FSA programs. OPE management has been actively involved in the technical review panel for IPEDS Student Unit Record Feasibility Study. The study is being conducted to review the feasibility of redesigning the IPEDS collection of student-related data to incorporate individual, student unit records. Although it is premature to anticipate when, and if, unit record data will become available, FY 2008 would likely be the earliest possible date since field testing is anticipated in FY 2006 and implementation would probably not occur until FY 2007. Given that the unit record project study outcome is not yet known, OPE also is exploring the feasibility of obtaining program data on persistence and completion by drawing an alternative sample from the merged applicant/recipient file and conducting a survey of this group.

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Last Modified: 01/20/2006