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ESEA: Excellence in Economic Education - FY 2006

CFDA Number: 84.215B - Excellence in Economic Education

Program Goal: To promote economic and financial literacy among all students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Objective 1 of 1: To increase students' knowledge of, and achievement in economics to enable the students to become more productive and informed percentage of citizens.
Indicator 1.1 of 1: The percentage of students of teachers trained under the grant project who demonstrate an improved understanding of personal finance and economics as compared to similiar students whose teachers have not had the training provided by the program.
Measure 1.1.1 of 1: The percentage of students taught by teachers trained under this grant who demonstrate improved understanding of personal finance issues.
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets

Source: Grantee Annual Performance Report.

Frequency: Annually.

Next Data Available: September 2006
Explanation: FY 2005 data will establish the baseline. The FY 2006 target is the baseline plus 1 percent.

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Last Modified: 01/20/2006