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ESEA: Ready to Teach - FY 2005

CFDA Number: 84.286 - Ready to Teach

Program Goal: To improve student achievement by developing high-quality, standards-based digital professional development to teachers and by developing high-quality, standards-based digital classroom content.

Objective 1 of 1: To use multiple digital technologies to develop and deliver digital courses and classroom content, and to provide training to teachers using these materials.
Indicator 1.1 of 1: Students participating in Ready to Teach will demonstrate enhanced academic achievement.
Measure 1.1.1 of 1: Percentage of students who participate in Ready To Teach programs and demonstrate enhanced academic achievement.
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets

Source: Grantee Performance Report, Ready to Teach Grantee Performance Report.

Frequency: Annually.

Next Data Available: December 2005

Data Validated By: No Formal Verification.
Validated by outside contractors for evaluation and by Department staff.

Limitations: Because of shifting demographics, some students may not remain in the assigned school district, but steps are being taken to track these students.
Explanation: The FY 2004 target is to establish a baseline. The target for FY 2005 is the baseline plus 5%. The following data may be collected: test scores, participation in more rigorous course-taking, or any other established measure of achievement. Materials developed under Ready To Teach are intended for distribution beyond the project period.

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