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The Department organizes our performance results around our strategic goals:

For each strategic goal, we discuss key measures, program performance, PART, and evaluations or studies, as applicable.

Select any goal to learn about our results in that area.


Performance Goals
For each of the Department’s six strategic goals, we identified performance goals that represent major areas within the goal. Each goal chapter provides an overview of our results.

Key Measures
For each strategic goal, the Department selected key program measures as a focus. Each goal chapter provides specific detail about our progress on each key measure. Review methodology

The Department administers 154 programs. Each program supports one of our strategic goals. In applicable goal chapters, a table provides a summary of each program’s performance results for four years, a link to its Web site (if available), its FY 2005 budget, and its FY 2005 expenditures. Review methodology

PART Analysis
Using the Office of Management and Budget’s Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART), the Department has conducted PART reviews on 56 of our programs. As applicable, each goal chapter contains an overview of each PART review that was conducted in preparation for the FY 2005 budget. Review methodology

Program Evaluations, Studies, and Reports
The Department conducts periodic evaluations, studies, and reports on major programs; and Government Accountability Office (GAO) or Inspector General (IG) studies often provide information on our programs. Each goal chapter contains short summaries and one-page overviews of key studies published in FY 2005.