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Goal 5:
Enhance the Quality of and Access to
Postsecondary and Adult Education |
PART Analysis

In preparation for the FY 2005 budget, the Department conducted reviews on the programs listed below using the Office of Management and Budget's Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART).  (Click here for a discussion of the PART methodology .)  Short summaries of the PART results and follow-up actions are on the following pages. OMB's Web site provides one-page summaries [PDF, 3.3MB] and full detailed PART reviews for all agencies.

Federal Direct Student Loans [PDF, 316K]
Rating: Adequate

Federal Family Education Loan Program [PDF, 316K]
Rating: Adequate

Federal Pell Grants [PDF, 316K]
Rating: Adequate

Federal Perkins Loans Capital Contributions [PDF, 316K]
Rating: Ineffective

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants [PDF, 316K]
Rating: Results Not Demonstrated

Federal Work-Study [PDF, 316K]
Rating: Results Not Demonstrated

Gaining Early Awareness and
Readiness for Undergraduate Programs
[PDF, 316K]
Rating: Adequate

Independent Living State Grants and Centers [PDF, 316K]
Rating: Results Not Demonstrated

TRIO Talent Search [PDF, 316K]
Rating: Results Not Demonstrated