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Methodology for Program Performance Summary

In keeping with the Government Performance and Results Act, the Department has established program-specific annual plans with measures and targets for the majority of our grant and loan programs and has provided the corresponding program performance reports in conjunction with the publication of the Performance and Accountability Report.  Since 2002, these program performance plans and reports have been published on the Department’s Web site at

In the Program Performance Summary tables that are part of each goal chapter of this FY 2005 Performance and Accountability Report, we provide an overview of the performance results on the program measures for each of the past four years, from FY 2002 through FY 2005.  For each year, we assess against the measures that were established for that year in the program’s published plan and provide the percentage of measures whose targets were met (including exceeded), the percentage whose targets were not met, and the percentage for which we have no data.  The percentage with no data may include measures for which we were unable to collect data and measures with pending data.  In some cases, our target was to establish a baseline; this was necessary particularly because No Child Left Behind created a new program environment and we had no trend data for many important concepts.  In the case of these measures, if we collected data and established the baseline, then we counted that as a measure whose target was “met”; if we were unable to collect the data to establish the baseline, we counted that measure as “no data.”

The tables also identify, by shading, those programs that did not have a performance plan for a particular year from FY 2002 through FY 2005.

The full individual program performance reports for FY 2005 are available at  The FY 2005 program performance reports also show the targets and actual values for prior years (except for measures that were discontinued prior to FY 2005).

Throughout the text, FY means fiscal year and SY means school year.