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Explanation of Documentation for Key Measures

Table. Provides trend data as well as newly reported data. Boldface entries represent data not previously reported in an annual performance report. Status row shows relationship between new actual values and targets as follows:

  • Exceeded or did better than if our performance was better than the target
  • Met if our performance reached the target without exceeding it
  • Made progress if our performance was better than the prior reported data, but fell short of the target
  • Did not meet if our performance fell short of the target and did not show progress
  • Set baseline if we collected information on the measure for the first time.

Source. Provides bibliographic information below the data table.

Analysis of Progress. Provides insights into the Department's progress, including explanations for unmet targets and actions being taken or planned to address the shortfall.

Data Quality. Includes information such as the universe included in the measure; definitions; the way data were collected, calculated, and reviewed; data strengths and limitations; and plans for improvement of data quality.

Target Context. Explains the rationale for targets, especially where anomalies exist.

Related Information. Identifies supplementary information that is available on the Web.

Additional Information. Provides relevant background about a measure. Where data are not yet available, this section provides the date by which data are expected.

Throughout the text, FY means fiscal year and SY means school year.