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Performance Highlights | Goal 6:
Establish management excellence

This pie chart shows the amount of FY 2005 expenditures that support Goal 6, and the amount that supports all other goals. 0.8 percent of expenditures support Goal 6, and 99.2 percent of expenditures support all other goals.

To make high-quality education a reality for as many Americans as possible, the Department must deploy our financial and intellectual resources for maximum impact. Achieving such an impact requires continued demonstration of superior fiscal management, commitment to developing highly skilled Department staff, and constant improvements in program performance. These are the keys to establishing management excellence.

The Department has earned the public's confidence with four consecutive clean financial statement opinions, strong customer satisfaction in student financial aid services, improved risk management to reduce improper payments in major programs, and the development of performance-oriented criteria to reward our employees. The Department has also made significant strides in improving program performance and has played a leading role in federal initiatives to improve electronic access to government services and grant opportunities.

Key Results for Goal 6

  • The Department earned the prestigious President's Quality Award for improved financial performance.
  • Department efforts to encourage repayment of Federal Direct Student Loans and Federal Family Education Loans helped the two loan programs realize the lowest cohort default rate in the Department's history.

Areas of Focus

In 2006, we will increase the number of our programs that demonstrate proven effectiveness, encourage novice applicants to apply in larger numbers to our discretionary grant competitions, and sustain our previous accomplishments for another year.