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HEA: Underground Railroad Program - 2004

Program Goal: Underground Railroad Program Internal Goal
Objective 8.1 of 1: Underground Railroad Program Internal Objective 1
Indicator 8.1.1 of 1: Fundraising initiatives: Private sector support will increase by 20 percent.
Targets and Performance Data Assessment of Progress Sources and Data Quality
Private sector support (in dollars)
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets
2001 33,717,762  
2002 35,000,000  
2003 39,000,000  
2004 39,000,000 41,000,000

Explanation: As of June, 2004 the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center has raised a total (including pledges) of 39,000, 000 in private funds. An additional $16,000,000 was raised in government funds.The program's long-term target for FY 2008 is $42, 000,000.  
Additional Source Information: Underground Railroad Program Performance Report

Frequency: Annually.
Collection Period: 2004 - 2005
Data Available: September 2005
Validated By: No Formal Verification.


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