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AEFLA: Adult Education National Leadership Activities - 2004

Goal 8: National Programs (Adult Education and Literacy Act) (new-2002) - 2002
Objective 8.1 of 1: To support adult education systems that result in increased adult learner achievement in order to prepare adults for family, work, citizenship, and future learning.
Indicator 8.1.1 of 2: The National Reporting System (NRS), that supports performance-based reporting, will be fully implemented in all states to consistently provide high quality learner assessment data.
Targets and Performance Data Assessment of Progress Sources and Data Quality
Percentage of States yielding high quality learner assessment data.
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets
2002 50  
2003   75
2004   95

Progress: Approximately 50% of states currently have assessment policies that yield quality data.

Explanation: Performance reporting is largely on learner assessment data. The NRS requires greater validity and reliability of this data. OVAE policies are requiring continous improvement of state level assessment data. States are at various levels of expertise and capacity to collect high quality assessment data.  
Additional Source Information: State Annual Performance Reports - Data and Narrative

Frequency: Annually.
Collection Period: 2003
Data Available: March 2004
Validated By: On-Site Monitoring By ED.
Program monitoring and data review and analysis by ED and Data Quality Certification Process. Data will be verified by electronic checks, expert staff analysis, and by requiring confirmation and attestation of data by state directors. State data is also checked independently by ED/OVAE during on-site monitoring and state audit reviews.

Limitations: Total data quality and full systems development is dependent on investments of staff and resources by states to adopt and adapt the models developed and promoted by ED/OVAE; and supported by the technical assistance and expertise provided by ED.

Indicator 8.1.2 of 2: By 2004, provide online curriculum, virtual learning resources and professional development to support the use of technology-based instruction in adult education through 9 demonstration labs and field sites, and 1 clearinghouse.
Targets and Performance Data Assessment of Progress Sources and Data Quality
Labs, Field Sites, Clearinghouse
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets
Actual Performance
Performance Target

Progress: Labs, including a ''hands-on'' demonstration lab in Washington, DC, are being established, together with nation-wide, program-based field sites. In each site, learners and educators will use and participate in the development of IT-based models for learning, instruction and professional development.

Explanation: While the adult education field has made considerable progress in meeting the variety of skill needs of US adults, less than seven percent of eligible adults are served annually. New instructional strategies and mechanisms are needed to provide greater access to programs and services. By 2003, the 9 labs and field sites will be fully operational. In 2004, the clearinghouse will be operational.  
Additional Source Information: Quarterly progress reports and annual reports.

Frequency: Quarterly.

Data Available: 2005
Validated By: No Formal Verification.
Electronic monitoring, on-site monitoring; production of materials; professional development offerings/participation.


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