U.S. Department of Education Publications in ERIC

Find any publication produced or funded by the U.S. Department of Education since its creation in 1980 which appears in ERIC, the world's largest bibliographic database of education literature. The database currently lists 34,117 publications any publication produced or funded by the U.S. Department entered into the ERIC database through July 2004.

Use one of the four available search techniques:

  • Try the basic search form first.
  • There's also an advanced search form with additional fields and options for information professionals and serious data hounds.
  • If you like to rummage, you can use the Index feature to search by browsing lists of the words and names that appear in the database's various fields.
  • To identify and order current U.S. Department of Education publications and products, use the ED Pubs On-Line Ordering System.
Once you identify the titles you're interested in, you can find the full text of most documents on microfiche at over a thousand ERIC Resource Collections at libraries, universities, and other locations nationwide. Many recent documents are available in full text on the ED Web site, ERIC website, and other ED-sponsored Web sites.

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Last Modified: 10/12/2007