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  • Title Page and Disclaimer [downloadable files] MS WORD (78K) | PDF (210K)

  • High Schools with High Expectations for All
    When students are held to rigorous standards, they can achieve at high levels.
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (393K) | PDF (74K)

  • The Economic Imperative for Improving Education
    The economic health of both individuals and the nation resides in a well-educated, highly-skilled populace.
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (1.1 MB) | PDF (279K)

  • From There to Here: The Road to Reform of American High Schools
    The American high school system has evolved from one focused on educating elites to one focused on educating all students to high standards.
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (612K) | PDF (151K)

  • High School Accountability and Assessment Systems
    States and school districts need high-quality assessments aligned with standards if they are to accurately gauge student achievement. [downloadable files] MS WORD (275K) | PDF (50K)

  • Turning Around Low-Performing High Schools
    There are innovative, proven methods for turning around the nation's most troubled high schools.
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (262K) | PDF (47K)

  • Every Young American a Strong Reader
    Improving adolescent literacy is a key focus of the Secretary's High School Initiative.
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (256K) | PDF(58K)

  • Charting a New Course for Career and Technical Education
    CTE programs can encompass high academic achievement and preparation for postsecondary education and training.
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (279K) | PDF(65K)

  • Dual Enrollment: Accelerating the Transition to College
    Students can take rigorous courses and earn college credit while still in high school under dual enrollment programs.
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (259K) | PDF(47K)

  • College Transition Programs: Promoting Success Beyond High School
    Many students lack the knowledge or skills to move easily from high school to college, but transition programs can fill that gap. [downloadable files] MS WORD (280K) | PDF (54K)

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Last Modified: 10/16/2007