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We welcome your review and comments. Please note that the findings and opinions expressed in these papers do not necessarily reflect the position or policies of the U.S. Department of Education.

View the first eight papers that were commissioned and presented at the High School Symposium.

Click on the downloadable file to download the document in [downloadable files] MS WORD .

  • The Role of Career and Technical Education: Implications for the Federal Government
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (242K) By Marie Cohen and Douglas J. Besharov
  • Youth Tuitionships: An Alternative Funding Arrangement to Improve Markets and Respect Individual Learning Differences [downloadable files] MS WORD (227K) By Graham S. Toft
  • The Role of Career and Technical Education in High School
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (129K) By Virginia R. Miller
  • Solutions for Failing High Schools: Converging Visions and Promising Models
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (116K) By Nettie Legters, Robert Balfanz, and James McPartland
  • Improving the Performance of High School Students: Focusing on Connections and Transitions Taking Place in Minnesota
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (151K) By Cynthia Crist, Mary Jacquart, Ph.D., and David A. Shupe, Ph.D.
  • How Should "Quality" Technical Education and Training be Defined?
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (141K) By James Everett, Mary Gershwin, Homer Hayes, James Jacobs, and Robert Mundhenk
  • Implementing the "Education Consensus": The Federal Role in Supporting Vocational - Technical Education
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (137K) By James Jacobs, W. Norton Grubb, and David Gardner
  • The Federal Role in Vocational and Technical Education at the Secondary Level: Principles for Moving Toward a Greater Emphasis on Supporting Systematic Innovation and Rigorous Evaluation
    [downloadable files] MS WORD (121K) By James J. Kemple
  • New Program Development Strategy and Supply/Demand Analysis: The Relationship Between Postsecondary Degree Program Outcomes and Occupational Needs in Minnesota
    [downloadable files] MS WORD(945K) By Pradeep Kotamraju, Ph.D., Bruce Steuernagel, and Mary Jacquart, Ph.D.
  • Improving State Accountability Systems for Postsecondary Vocational Education
    [downloadable files] MS WORD(108K) By Robert G. Sheets

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Last Modified: 10/16/2007