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The use of digital technologies for learning supports the education of adult learners and their teachers and extends educational opportunities to reach new groups of students. The thoughtful integration of digital technologies into the traditional scheme of education and their use in developing new ways of learning is necessary to ensure students have the tools to thrive in a complex and rapidly changing technological society.

Digital technologies for learning, such as self-paced learning modules, multimedia case studies, simulations, video tutorials, and communications and assessment tools, can increase the array of learning opportunities for adult students and their teachers.

Research and Evaluation

Noteworthy Practices

  • AdultEd Online aims to improve the quality of classroom instruction classroom teachers and administrators need to be knowledgeable about ways that technology can be used to improve student achievement. The Technology Integration Self Assessment allows teachers to measure their skills in 12 areas and get a customized professional development plan to improve their skills.

  • California's Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) provides ABE and English language resources and publications for teachers, students and administrators.

  • The California Distance Learning Project for Adult Educators includes an overview of distance learning as well as research and resources for teachers and program administrators.

  • Project IDEAL (Improving Distance Education for Adult Learners) was established to raise the quality of distance education across the country.) The project was funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Learner Web is a learning support system that provides structure and resources for adults who want to identify specific goals and steps to reach those goals. The Learning Web is self paced and allows the learner to explore the range of a subject area, to find resources to support their learning online and in their community.

  • Thinkfinity Literacy Network delivers free educational resources for lifelong learning for adults and family literacy programs, as well as online courses for literacy instruction.

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Last Modified: 06/18/2014