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Division of Adult Education and Literacy Staff Directory

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June 2016
Name Position/Program Area Telephone
Area Code 202
Office of the Director
Cheryl L. Keenan Director 245-7721
Christopher Coro Deputy Director 245-7717
Lekesha Campbell Management and Program Analyst 245-7808
Melody Andrews-Myles Management and Program Analyst, Audit Resolution Specialist 245-7797
Joseph Perez Management and Program Analyst, Office Coordinator 245-6925
Accountability Team (AT)
John LeMaster Team Leader 245-6218
Joshua Behsudi Management and Program Analyst 245-7783
Vacant Management and Program Analyst 245-7890
Ronna Spacone Education Program Specialist, Postsecondary Transitions; Standards-based Education 245-7755
Alan Tucker Management and Program Analyst 245-6434
Monitoring and Administration Team (MAT)
Karla Ver Bryck Block Team Leader 202-245-6836
Teresa Bestor Education Program Specialist, Area I Coordinator 245-6402
Sharon Harrington Education Program Specialist, Area II Coordinator, Youth Programs 245-7709
Kenneth Kalman Management and Program Analyst 245-7529
Rebecca Moak Education Program Specialist, Area III Coordinator, Work-based Learning 245-7807
Zina Watkins Area IV & V Coordinator Correctional Education Liaison 202-245-6197
Best Practices and Dissemination Team (BPDT)
Heidi Silver-Pacuilla Team Leader 245-7739
Tanya Shuy Education Program Specialist 245-6093
Donna Snoddy Visual Information Specialist 245-7763
Innovation and Improvement Team (IIT)
Heidi Silver-Pacuilla Acting Team Leader 245-7739
Carolyn Lampila Education Program Specialist 245-7758
Mary Jo Maralit Education Program Specialist 245-6593
Diane McCauley Education Program Specialist 245-7437
Debra Suarez Education Program Specialist 245-6309
Correctional Education (OCE)
Sean Addie Director 245-7374

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