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U.S. Study Abroad Programs

Over 80,000 Americans study abroad at the college or university level each academic year. The number of U.S. students going abroad has increased by about two percent annually over recent years, and this type of study opportunity is now an established part of American academic life.

While most U.S. citizens who study abroad go to Europe (over 60 percent), growing numbers are going to Asia, Latin America, and Australasia. The majority of these students (nearly 70 percent) are short-term visitors who are enrolled in courses or programs sponsored, or offered, by U.S. postsecondary institutions or special foreign student programs provided by host country institutions. Most of these study abroad participants, about 90 percent, are undergraduate students. However, a small but significant number of Americans is enrolled in first or higher degree study programs at the university level in foreign educational systems.

You may become one of this growing number! To assist you, USNEI has organized information on postsecondary study abroad into the following categories: