OSERS: Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
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RSA, Independent Living Unit

In performing the responsibilities of the unit, staff members:

  • develop and maintain a program performance profile on each state's independent living (IL) grantees that includes an organizational description of how each agency operates;
  • improve and maintain the IL grant monitoring process used by state teams to identify strategies that IL state grantees can use in order to enhance their performance and meet their program obligations;
  • manage the discretionary award process for the Centers for Independent Living (CIL) program, including development of priorities, review, evaluation and documentation of all applications for funding;
  • coordinate with the department in implementation of the department's integrated monitoring activities;
  • participate in the development and dissemination of policy guidance, regulations, and program guidance in all areas of responsibility;
  • support the state teams in their IL state plan approval, monitoring processes and program improvement efforts;
  • develop program performance measures which are used to evaluate and monitor grantees; and


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Last Modified: 04/25/2007