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IDEA Section 618 Static Data Tables Released
New Interested in the percent of the infants and toddlers, birth through 2, who are receiving early intervention services? Interested in the percent of students with disabilities, ages 6 to 21, receiving special education and related services in the regular classroom 80% or more of the day? OSEP's recently released Static Data Tables that provide data users easy access to these sorts of figures. The Static Data Tables provide commonly used percentages associated with the following IDEA Section 618 data:

  • 2014-15 Part B Child Count and Educational Environment
  • 2013-14 Part B Personnel
  • 2013-14 Part B Exiting
  • 2013-14 Part B Discipline
  • 2013-14 Part B Assessment
  • 2013-14 Part B Dispute Resolution
  • 2014-15 Part C Child Count and Settings
  • 2013-14 Part C Exiting
  • 2013-14 Part C Dispute Resolution




Last Modified: 04/28/2016