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NIDILRR, Research Sciences Division

The Research Sciences Division (RSD) is responsible for national and international programs in research, training, and technical and clinical evaluation.

In performing its research program responsibility, the division:

  • plans, develops, implements and manages a comprehensive national and international program of research, training, utilization and evaluation in specific program areas;

  • identifies trends and needs and recommends priorities to the leadership of NIDILRR;

  • manages a comprehensive scientific peer review of all grants and contract applications;

  • conducts on site reviews and recommends new awards, continuations, project or center redirection, audits and terminations;

  • prepares materials for application announcements;

  • provides guidance and technical assistance to grantee institutions and potential applicants;

  • performs program officer responsibilities in peer review of applications and carries on program officer responsibilities during the course of projects;

  • initiates, organizes, and conducts state-of-the-art workshops and assures full participation of the public and private sectors;

  • performs program oversight and monitoring of the progress of grants and contracts, and

  • organizes and convenes interagency subcommittees, and coordinates its activities with other federal agencies and participates in joint-funding of rehabilitation research and related activities, in collaboration with the Interagency Committee on Disability Research (ICDR);

  • collaborates with the PPBE division in developing and publishing regulatory documents, including annual announcements of priorities, grant applications and fellowship notices;

  • integrates the grants and contracts award processes with postings of financial commitments and obligations in the Department's financial management system, the Education Central Automated Processing System, (EDCAPS), subsystem Grant Administration and Payment system (G5);

  • schedules grants; and

  • commits funds.


In performing its dissemination and utilization functions, the division:

  • plans, develops and administers research utilization, public information, public education and publications which address NIDILRR research activities and findings;

  • provides technical expertise to the ICDR, the National Council on Disability and other agencies and private organizations serving individuals with disabilities;

  • conducts studies to determine innovative techniques and systems for the dissemination and utilization of rehabilitation research findings;

  • manages a national and international technical assistance network that provides information concerning new programs and improved research techniques;

  • manages a comprehensive program to disseminate NIDILRR research findings through accessible media to a range of target audiences;

  • enhances the public understanding of needs, problems and concerns of disabled individuals through the dissemination of research findings and other data; and

  • represents the director of NIDILRR, as appropriate, in research forums and with consumers and other federal agencies and prepares materials as required for speeches and publications.


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Last Modified: 04/06/2015