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NIDILRR, Program, Budget and Evaluation Division

The Program, Budget and Evaluation Division (PBE) is responsible for budget formulation, policy coordination, planning, identification, implementation, analysis, monitoring and evaluation of Congressionally-mandated NIDILRR activities.

More specifically, the division:

  • assists in the coordination of NIDILRR policies and priorities involving issue identification, issue analysis, planning, as well working with overall policy. Ensures NIDILRR policy and guidance encompasses a broad range of the research community from regulations, statutes and policy inquiries;

  • develops and updates the Congressionally-mandated government-wide, long-range research plan, using materials developed by NIDILRR, including input from other federal agencies, the National Council on Disability, and other relevant sources;

  • administers an ongoing assessment of the research needs of service providers, research scientists and individuals with disabilities;

  • prepares planning and evaluation documents required by OSERS, the Department, OMB and the Congress;

  • coordinates program assessments in order to prioritize evaluation, regulations development and research priority development;

  • establishes policies and procedures governing the assignment and technical review of all research grants, cooperative agreements, fellowships, and institutional training applications received by NIDILRR for the support of rehabilitation research, training and related activities;

  • formulates, presents and executes the NIDILRR program and administrative budgets. Monitors all procurement, cooperative agreements and interagency agreements. Monitors all personnel actions through appropriate channels as well as, attends to all administrative needs and service for NIDILRR including space, communication, furniture, training, supplies, travel, and printing;

  • integrates the grants and contracts award processes with posting of financial commitments and obligations in the Departments' financial management system, the Education Central Automated Processing system, (EDCAPS), subsystem Grant Administration and Payment System (GAPS);

  • schedules grants; and,

  • commits funds.

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Last Modified: 03/31/2015