OSERS: Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
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OAS, Management and Support Staff

The Management and Support Staff (MSS), headed by an executive officer, provides services to OSERS in the areas of budget, information technology, personnel services and administrative services as follows:

  • Budget
    Plans, formulates, and executes the administrative budget for all OSERS staff.

  • Information Technology (IT)
    Develops the annual OSERS IT budget and monitors and maintains controls of IT funds; provides assistance to OSERS staff related to IT services; and implements requirements related to IT security, asset management and information collection.

  • Personnel Services
    Processes all personnel, payroll, and training actions for OSERS staff. Serves as the adviser to the OSERS assistant secretary on OSERS personnel management, equal employment opportunity (EEO) and union activities and is the point of coordination with other units of the Department engaged in similar activities.

  • Administrative Services
    Manages day-to-day needs of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for a full range of services such as property, equipment, mail and printing; oversees delegations of authority; establishes and monitors the property control system for OSERS, making periodic reports on the adequacy of operations and recommendations for improvements; maintains a system of space allocation, use and control for all space assigned to OSERS; and ensures all travel authorizations and vouchers for OSERS staff comply with the Federal Travel Regulations and department policy.

Key Staff:

Executive Officer: Melanie Winston


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Last Modified: 09/18/2014