Getting America's Students Ready for the 21st Century — Meeting the Technology Literacy Challenge, A Report to the Nation on Technology and Education, June 29, 1996
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Title Page

Table of Contents

Letter from the Secretary
Executive Summary
Technological Literacy: A National Priority
The Technology Literacy Challenge
The Technology Goals
An Investment in the Future
Benefits of Technology Use
Enhanced Student Achievement Basic Skills Instruction
Advanced Skills Instruction
Assessment of Student Progress
Student Motivation
Increased Family Involvement
Improved Teachers' Skills
Improved School Administration and Management
Characteristics of Successful Technology-Rich Schools
Reaching the Technology Goals
Progress Report
Cost of Meeting the Four Goals Types of Costs
Cost Estimates
Funding Challenges
No Community Left Behind
Roles Supporting Local Action Plans
Role of the Federal Government Technology Literacy Challenge Fund
Affordable Connections
Improved Professional Development
Improved Educational Software
Continued Investment in Educational Technology
Effective Use of Technology by Major Education Programs
Clearinghouse for Good Ideas
State-of-the-Art Tools
Closing the Divide Between Technology "Haves" and "Have-Nots"
Monitoring Progress Towards Technology Goals
Role of States and Local Communities Leadership and Planning
Ongoing Support for Teachers
Modern Multimedia Computers in the Classroom
Effective Educational Software and On-Line Learning Resources
Adequate Financial Support and Equitable Access
Role of Higher Education and Private and Nonprofit Sectors Supporting Professional Development
Instructional Materials
Collaboration With Elementary and Secondary Schools
Research on the Use of Technology in Education
From Vision to Reality
A. How This Plan Was Developed
B. Federal Support for Technology in Education
C. State Support for Technology in Education
D. Sources of Further Information

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