Toward A New Golden Age In American Education--How the Internet, the Law and Today's Students Are Revolutionizing Expectations
National Education Technology Plan 2004

  • There is no dispute over the need for America's students to have the knowledge and competence to compete in an increasingly technology-driven world economy.
  • This need demands new models of education facilitated by educational technology.
  • In the realm of technology, the educational community is playing catch-up. Industry is far ahead of education. And tech-savvy high school students often are far ahead of their teachers.
  • This "digital disconnect" is a major cause of frustration among today's students.
  • Public schools that do not adapt to the technology needs of students risk becoming increasingly irrelevant. Students will seek other options.
  • Some of the most promising new educational approaches are being developed outside the traditional educational system, through e-learning and virtual schools.
  • Reforms within the system will require strong leadership and a willingness to restructure the learning environment in fundamental ways.
  • No Child Left Behind is a powerful catalyst for needed reform.
  • Today's technology-literate middle and high school students will also be drivers of reform, creating a new student-teacher partnership.
  • The current ferment within the education community will lead to major changes in the way we teach, learn and manage public education.
  • With the benefits of technology, highly trained teachers, a motivated student body and the requirements of No Child Left Behind, the next 10 years could see a spectacular rise Behind in achievement – and may usher in a new golden age for American education.
  • This is an exciting, creative and transforming era for students, teachers, administrators, policymakers and parents.

Systemic change is being shepherded through the efforts of dedicated teachers, administrators, parents and students. Technology ignites opportunities for learning, engages today's students as active learners and participants in decision-making on their own educational futures and prepares our nation for the demands of a global society in the 21st century.

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Last Modified: 07/23/2012