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Annual Performance Report Letter to
Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math-Science Project Directors

March 2014

Dear Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math and Science Project Director:

The new annual performance report (APR) for the Upward Bound (UB) and Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS) programs was approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on December 17, 2013 and posted to our Web site on January 31, 2014.

After testing the new APR Web application and in response to questions received from grantees, we determined that we needed to make a few minor changes to the APR form and instructions which are discussed below. We have also updated the APR form and instructions on our Web site; please refer to the revised version dated March 2014.

You must use the new, approved report to submit your APR data for program year 2012-13. The Web application you will use to submit your report will "go live" on March 24, 2014; the due date for submitting your APR is April 25, 2014 and is the same for both regular UB and UBMS projects. You may find the updated APR form and instructions, plus links to the secured APR Web site maintained by our contractor at:

We strongly encourage you to submit the completed APR as soon as possible, but no later than April 25, 2014. The Department of Education (Department) uses the APR data in making decisions regarding continuation funding; therefore, it is imperative that those UB projects with project start dates in the summer of 2014 submit by the APR due date, since decisions regarding funding for the 2014-15 project year need to be made by mid May 2014.

The Department, in an effort to assist projects and to maximize accuracy, will allow grantees to download a data file that "crosswalks," to the extent possible, the data submitted in the 2011-12 APR to the comparable data fields in the new APR for 2012-13 (e.g., student name, date of first service). In addition, this file will include the calculated postsecondary cohort years for prior-year participants. A grantee who chooses to use the "crosswalk" file would only need to update data fields that may change (e.g., participant status), add information for the new data fields, as appropriate, and add records for new students served in 2012-13. Nonetheless, before submitting your APRs, please check the crosswalked data as it is your responsibility to ensure that the APR data you submit for 2012-13 is indeed correct.

Completing the APR

Do not rely on the Web application alone to prepare your APR. The Department has revised the UB/UBMS APR used during the previous grant cycle to address statutory changes to the programs and to incorporate the new standard objectives for the 2012-17 cycle. Since presenting the APR in a Web application entails condensing some information available in the text version, it will be in grantees’ best interest to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the new APR and its General Instructions, available at the Web addresses above.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge members of the UB/UBMS community who provided constructive feedback on the draft APR during both public comment periods. Based on grantee feedback, the Department made several changes to the draft form to improve the data collection and reporting processes. Also, as part of the clearance process, we summarized the comments received and provided written responses, which we have posted to the UB/UBMS Web pages at: http://www2.ed.gov/programs/trioupbound/report.html. I encourage you to review these documents, along with the approved APR form and instructions, to get a fuller understanding of the reasons for the changes to the APR and the impact of these changes on your project’s reporting.

Revisions to the APR Form Following Testing of New APR Web Application and in Response to Questions from Grantees

Changes to the Record Structure

  • Field #41 (dual enrollment participation): We have restored an option that was inadvertently omitted: option 3 = No, not in a dual enrollment program.
  • Field #54 (postsecondary education enrollment cohort): We dropped "0000 = Unknown" as an option in this field, since the Department will be providing a valid postsecondary cohort value for each participant that was on your 2011-12 APR via the “crosswalk” file you can download from the Web site.
  • Fields #57 through #62 (postsecondary certificates/degrees completed -- certificate, associate, bachelor’s -- and dates certificates/diplomas earned): We have changed the numbering for option "11" (Not applicable, student pursued another kind of postsecondary credential) in fields 57, 59, and 61 to "2," and "11/11/1111" (Not applicable, student pursued another kind of postsecondary credential) in fields 58, 60, and 62 to "22/22/2222." These changes were necessitated by a programming issue with dates that included all "1s."

Additional Guidance on Selecting Appropriate Options

  • Fields #32 and #33 (GPA): The Department would like to remind grantees of the importance of reporting cumulative GPA data in fields #32 and #33. Field #32 allows weighting (e.g., with added value for AP courses), but does not require it. GPAs in field #33, on the other hand, must be unweighted so as to allow the Department to identify a comparison group from a national study that is most similar to UB participants. To ensure accurate reporting, please ask your target schools to specify whether the GPAs they provide are weighted or unweighted.

    Field #32 (HSGPA; allows weighting) is used for calculating PE points. Even if the only GPA the school provided is unweighted, or even if you do not know whether the GPA is weighted or not, include it in field #32 so that the Department has data available for PE calculations.

    In field #33 (HSGPAUnweighted), on the other hand, you should enter a GPA between 0.001 and 4.000 only if you know the value is unweighted. If you know that the GPA provided by the target school is weighted, you may calculate the unweighted value for field #33 if you have the formula and all relevant data. If you are unable to ascertain or calculate the unweighted GPA, enter the known GPA in field #32 and 0.000 in field #33.

  • Fields #40 (AP or IB Course Completed) and #43 (Advanced Math Courses Completed): Section II and the General Instructions have been revised to make clear for which participants projects should provide data.

  • Fields #52, 54, 55, and 57-62 (postsecondary education): Upon further review of the APR, we determined that several of the postsecondary fields did not make adequately clear how to report on participants who qualified for the 2013 cohort by graduating high school during the reporting year and being accepted for postsecondary enrollment but deferred by the institution until the next academic term. Therefore, for these students who received notification of acceptance but deferred enrollment, we have added instructions in the APR form advising you as to appropriate options to select for students whose postsecondary enrollment has been deferred.

  • The Department would also like to remind you to provide postsecondary information on all prior participants who have enrolled in a program of postsecondary education after completing high school, even if the participant does not qualify for a cohort (field #54, option 9999). Although participants that do not qualify for a cohort will not be included in the PE calculations for the postsecondary enrollment and completion objectives, the Department will use the data to report on the postsecondary outcomes of UB participants.


For your convenience, the following information is being provided concerning your access to the Web application:

All grantees must register for a user ID and password in order to protect the security of the APR data. Register by clicking on the "Register Here Each Year" link and enter your name and e-mail address. If your name and e-mail address match our records, you may proceed to the next step in the registration process, which is to select and answer two security questions. You are required to provide responses to these questions should you need to use the "Forgot Password" link to receive a new, temporary password.

For new Project Directors or Directors that have recently changed e-mail addresses, it is likely that your name or e-mail address is not updated in our records. In this situation, you will receive an e-mail message from the Help Desk informing you that your Department's grants specialist must approve the changes before you can complete the registration process. The Help Desk will forward the request to Department staff that typically can approve these changes within 48 hours. Once the changes have been approved, you will receive an e-mail informing you that you can proceed with registering and submitting your APR.

The Help Desk

If you encounter technical problems accessing the Web site or using the Web application, please contact the Help Desk by either telephone at (703) 846-8248 or e-mail at generaltrio@cbmiweb.com. Please note that the Help Desk will try to contact projects within 24 hours of receiving the telephone call or e-mail. The Help Desk will be available to respond to your questions on weekdays from March 24 until April 25, 2014. During peak times, it may take longer for you to receive a response; thus, I encourage you to prepare and submit your performance report as soon as you have collected complete data.

After electronically submitting the APR, please submit a signed copy of the Section I Cover page by scanning and uploading directly into the APR site. Should you have any issues or concerns with uploading the Section I Cover Page, please contact the Help Desk for assistance at (703) 832-1360.

If there is a need to revise the APR after it has been submitted please contact the Help Desk for assistance. Please note that the Department will only accommodate revisions until the due date for submitting the APR. For any questions regarding the APR requirements, please contact your Program Specialist directly; to ascertain your Program Specialist’s name, telephone number, and e-mail address, please visit: http://www2.ed.gov/programs/trioupbound/contacts.html or http://www2.ed.gov/programs/triomathsci/contacts.html.

Thank you for the time and effort you devote to the performance reporting period each year and for your commitment to providing complete and accurate data. Please retain source documents in a readily accessible form so that they can be verified during an on-site visit.


Gaby Watts
TRIO Upward Bound and Educational Opportunity Centers Division
Student Service


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