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In May 2012 the International and Foreign Language Education (IFLE) office launched a quarterly newsletter/listserv. Our intention is to present information that we hope will be of interest to former and current IFLE grantees, interested applicants, and the international community in general. We have designed the IFLE Update with hyperlinks to related material so that you have more to explore and articles that peak your interest.

If you would like to send comments, questions, or suggestions for our future newsletter issues, please send an e-mail to carla.white@ed.gov. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletters/listserv here.

May 2014 – Volume 2, Issue 1

December 2013 – Volume 1, Issue 4

June 2013 - Special Edition

March 2013 – Volume 1, Issue 3

December 2012 – Volume 1, Issue 2

May 2012 – Volume 1, Issue 1


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Last Modified: 06/06/2014