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Privacy at ED

Office of the Chief Privacy Officer

ED’s Chief Privacy Officer manages OCPO, which has both an internal and an external privacy focus. Externally OCPO manages compliance and technical assistance to schools, districts, and states regarding compliance with federal student privacy statutes and best practices. Internally OCPO provides leadership, oversight, and coordination to ensure ED’s compliance with states and directives governing the acquisition, release, and maintenance of data.

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OCPO oversees the administration of the following federal statutes at the Department of Education:

OCPO is responsible for issuing policies, standards, and procedures that ensure ED complies with governmental information management requirements in the above areas.

In addition, OCPO provides instruction and technical assistance to assure that customers and other stakeholders are informed and supported in the performance of these initiatives.

OCPO is headed by the Chief Privacy Officer who reports to the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management.

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Last Modified: 07/26/2016