US Department of Education Principal Office Functional Statements
Office of Management


The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Management is responsible for the overall direction and administration of the Department of Education's administrative management functions. The Office develops and implements administrative management priorities, policies, and procedures, and provides viewpoints and policies in the development of overall ED policies and plans. The Office coordinates its program with those of other Federal agencies, such as Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Office of Personnel Management (OPM), General Services Administration (GSA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and with members of Congress.

The Office of the Assistant Secretary acts for the Secretary in the administration of the Department of Education and represents the Secretary on interagency administrative matters and other activities and functions as directed. The Office of Management (OM) plans, develops, implements, administers, and leads Department of Education administrative management support programs including administrative services, equal employment opportunity services, human capital management, human resources services, labor management relations, management evaluations, organizational development, management directives, property administration, security services, systems analysis, and interagency liaison on management regulations and standards.

The Office leads, manages, and provides technical assistance on the implementation of major management reform initiatives such as those mandated by the President’s Management Initiatives and the Government Performance and Results Act. The immediate office also serves as liaison on audit reports affecting OM functions.

The Office ensures coordinated administrative oversight of the Department's various hearing bodies.

Executive Office
The Executive Office serves as the principal staff of the Assistant Secretary in developing, coordinating, and implementing all internal administrative matters relating to OM such as personnel, budget, financial management, organization, contracts, facilities, correspondence control, and support services. The Office develops the annual Common Support Expense S&E Budget Request for inclusion in the Department's S&E Budget Request.

The Office also manages the organizational control and delegations of authority systems. The Office works with organizations to ensure that all reorganization proposals are customer‑focused and are consistent with Departmental policies and guidelines and coordinates final approval and implementation of all organization requests.

The Office coordinates with other elements of the Department, advises on matters of concern to the Assistant Secretary, and performs special assignments as directed.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Center
The Alternative Dispute Resolution Center is a forum for the resolution of employment disputes before the dispute advances to a formal complaint stage. The informal dispute resolution process utilizes counseling and mediation to informally resolve a wide range of employee complaints including Equal Employment Opportunity matters under 29 C.F.R.§ 1614, labor relations matters under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Employee Relations matters under the Administrative Grievance Process, and other employment matters as assigned by the Assistant Secretary.

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Last Modified: 05/02/2012