US Department of Education Principal Office Functional Statements
Office of Management


  1. Mission and Responsibilities
  2. Organization
  3. Order of Succession
  4. Functions and Responsibilities of Office of Management (OM) Components
    1. Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary
    2. Office of Equal Employment Opportunity Services
    3. Office of Security, Facilities and Logistics Services
    4. Office of Hearings and Appeals
    5. Office of Human Resources
    6. Chief Privacy Office
  5. Primary Delegations of Authority

I. Mission and Responsibilities

The mission of the Office of Management (OM) is to transform the Department of Education (ED or Department) into a high-performance, customer-focused organization by providing services to our customers that help them do a better job of managing their people, processes, and overall strategy.

The Assistant Secretary for Management serves as the principal adviser to the Secretary on Departmental administrative matters.  The Office directs, coordinates, and has overall responsibility to:

  • Conduct evaluations and assessments of Departmental programs and internal management practices.
  • Develop and oversee Departmental systems such as total quality management, organizational development, and management directives.
  • Provide personnel and training services to Departmental offices.
  • Provide resource management services including facilities management, administrative support, and security services.
  • Develop and manage the Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program.
  • Administer programs to improve the work life of Department employees including the development of family-friendly programs and initiatives.
  • Coordinate policy for management reform initiatives, such as the President’s Management Initiatives, human capital management, and the Government Performance and Results Act.
  • Manage the Department’s information resources to improve the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of Federal programs inclusive of information dissemination initiatives and efforts to reduce information collection burdens.
  • Administer the Department's information resource management program, including records management, the Paperwork Reduction Act, Freedom of Information Act, and Privacy Act.
  • Provide administrative and technical support to the Department’s Data Integrity Board and monitor the Department’s compliance with the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act.
  • Work with the Office of the Chief Information Officer to ensure that appropriate and timely action is taken with respect to systems, processes and reviews pertaining to the information clearance process, including clearance packages, Statements of Work, Form 3000, Privacy Impact Assessment, and Systems of Records Notices, etc.
  • Direct and recommend policy for the Civil Rights Reviewing Authority and the Office of Administrative Law Judges.
  • Strengthen the effectiveness with which Federal funds are spent through mandated oversight, appeal, and review authorities.
  • Administer personnel security and suitability and information security - as it relates to classified national security information - on a Department-wide basis.

II. Organization

OM is under the supervision of the Assistant Secretary who reports to the Secretary. The Office is composed of five organizations, which perform the major functions of the Office. In addition, the Executive Office and the Business Enterprise Resource Management Division report directly to the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management..

III. Order of Succession

In the event that the Assistant Secretary for Management dies, resigns, or is otherwise unable to perform the functions and duties of the office and the office is thereby deemed to be vacant, and the Secretary has not designated in writing another individual to act as the Assistant Secretary for Management, the following officials, in the order shown, shall perform the functions and duties of the office in an acting capacity. 

In instances where the office of the Assistant Secretary for Management is filled, but the head of the Office of Management is absent, unavailable, otherwise unable to perform the functions and duties of the position, and/or there is a disruption in the normal channels of direction and communication, and unless the head of the Office of Management or the Secretary, in writing, designates another individual to act as the Assistant Secretary for Management, the following officials, in the order shown, shall serve in an acting capacity as the Acting Secretary for Management: 

  1.  Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
  2.  Director, Office of Security, Facilities, and Logistics Services
  3.  Director, Human Resources
  4.  Chief of Staff.

V. Primary Delegations of Authority

OM Delegations of Authority may be found at:


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