Public Comments on Information Collection Requests Submitted through

Beginning October 1, 2012, the Department of Education accepts comments on pending information collection requests (ICRs) through the website. Comments should no longer be submitted to the email address. The department is migrating its public comment submission process to in an effort to make use of the Federal Data Management System’s (FDMS) functionality. improves the public’s access to and participation in the public comment process for rulemaking, information collection notices and other types of notices by providing one central electronic location to search, retrieve, and read all related material. Through this site, the public can view a description of information collection requests currently open for comment, read the full text of these documents and any supporting documents, and submit comments to the appropriate Federal Agency. The public is able to read comments filed by other members of the public during the public comment period, and has the ability to respond to those comments. serves as the public access point to the Federal Docket Management System.

For more information on, click on the following links to get an overview of the system and to view FAQs.

Sites to Visit for Public Comment

EDICSWEB was deactivated on September 29, 2012. For ICRs under the 60 day comment period, please visit to view documents and provide comments. For ICRs under the 30 day comment period at OMB, ICRs concluded by OMB within 30 days, and active information collections, please visit