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Organization Charts

  • OM Organizational Chart  Word (188 KB)
  • Immediate Office (IO)
  • Executive Office (EXO)
  • Business Enterprise Resources Management Division (BERMD)
  • Chief Privacy Office (CPO)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Services (EEOS)
  • Office of Human Resources (OHR)
    • Executive Resources Division (OHR/ERD)
    • Human Capital Policy and Accountability Division (OHR/HCPAD)
    • Leadership and Development Division (OHR/LDD)
    • Talent Recruitment and Hiring Division (OHR/TRHD)
    • Workforce Relations Division (OHR/WRD)
  • Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA)
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution Center (ADRC)
  • Office of Security, Facilities and Logistics Division (OSFLD)
    • Security Services Division (OSFLS/SSD)
    • Facilities Services Division (OSFLD/FSD)
    • Logistics Services Division (OSFLD/LSD)

OM Delegations of Authority may be found at

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Last Modified: 05/22/2015