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D. Management Services

Management Services (MS) is responsible for OIG business operations support, including budget formulation and execution, contracting and procurement functions, talent management, information technology (IT) maintenance, infrastructure, and security, facilities and asset management and control, and internal operations support.

Management Services is divided into four Teams and one internal operations support unit.

Budget and Procurement Services

  • Budget Services
    • Formulates, executes, and monitors the OIG appropriation;
    • Develops and justifies the OIG budget;
    • Prepares, distributes, and oversees component budget allotments;
    • Prepares and delivers a multitude of varied budgetary information and reports to senior OIG leadership, supervisors, and Department budget representatives to assist and support decision making process;
    • Performs analyses to assist in allocating and managing funding and staff resources;
    • Performs and oversees monthly and annual reconciliations of OIG budget allocations and expenditures; and,
    • Oversees and coordinates with Department representatives regarding OIG common support expenditures.
  • Procurement Services
    • Manages and provides oversight of the OIG purchase card program;
    • Executes simplified acquisitions and micro-purchases;
    • Facilitates and tracks inter-agency agreements;
    • Provides account payable services for OIG procurements; and,
    • Monitors OIG contracting officer representatives and their contracting activities.


Talent Management Services

  • Human Capital
    • Coordinates and facilitates hiring and recruitment activities;
    • Coordinates and addresses time and attendance issues;
    • Issues and tracks OIG credentials and badges;
    • Coordinates and provides oversight for OIG performance rating activities (REACH);
    • Initiates security clearances for OIG staff and for OIG contractors; and,
    • Processes, tracks, and monitors issuance of annual and performance awards.
  • Training
    • Develops and sponsors OIG-wide leadership development programs for mid-level and senior managers and supervisors; 
    • Serves as the OIG’s primary liaison for coordination of Department training; Sponsors and coordinates the OIG Onboarding Program; and,
    • Coordinates and tracks training and professional staff development.

Information Technology Operations and Security Services

  • Provides IT oversight and operational support to OIG staff;
  • Provides technical oversight of OIG major systems and applications, including the OIG LAN, Intranet, Internet, EDITS, Management Information System, and other significant applications; Performs the function of a computer security officer, including implementing security procedures and approving access to computer networks, systems, and applications;
  • Identifies and prepares the OIG IT acquisition and operations budget;
  • Designs, installs, tests, implements, and maintains critical OIG databases;
  • Manages and performs continuous  IT security monitoring all OIG IT system accreditations; and
  • Coordinates the purchase of OIG IT hardware, software, and other related items.

Facilities and Asset Management Services

  • Facilities Management
    • Serves as the primary OIG representative with the Department Office of Management (OM) regarding acquisition, planning, design, assignment, utilization, and release of office space; 
    • Provides technical assistance to OIG users for acquisition, planning, design, construction, and acceptance of space;
    • Assures the minimum space required to perform the OIG’s mission is obtained and used in an efficient and effective manner with the assistance of OM;
    • Assures the use of space is justified and is within the standard space criteria;
    • Assures that all furniture procurement is through, coordinated, and approved by OM in order to ensure the office space and furniture meets the minimum standards, are interchangeable with existing inventory (if possible), and comply with ED contracting policy and procedures;
    • Ensures that use of all budgeted funds are properly tracked and accounted and that appropriate status of funds reports prepared and submitted;
    • Ensures that all communications regards space management projects are concise, accurate, and informative; and
    • Providing oversight and planning to ensure proper utilization of assigned space in conjunction with the POR of the individual ED organizational elements.
  • Asset Management
    • Maintains stewardship, utilization, control, and disposal of OIG accountable property
    • Maintains current management data and location of accountable assets is recorded in the Department of Education property management information system;
    • Maintains custody and control of unassigned property;
    • Ensures that OIG assets are properly assigned to users to ensure accountability;
    • Responsible for transferring property from and to users and monitoring movements of property within the organization;
    • Conducts physical inventories and reports results to appropriate representatives;
    • Trains, monitors, and coordinates with OIG regional asset managers in their property management responsibilities including property controls, excess, transfers, and reutilization of existing assets, and
    • Serves as focal point of contact for self-assessment and audit reviews of OIG assets.

Internal Operations Support Services

  • Policy and Administrative Coordination
    • Coordinates Department ACS Directives for comment within OIG;
    • Updates and prepares OIG administrative manual chapters and IG Bulletins;
    • Manages the Management Services support email account including determining and tracking support assignments; and,
    • Coordinates and develops Continuity of Operations and Business Continuity Plans.
  • Records Management
    • Serves as the OIG Headquarters Records Liaison Officer;
    • Supports the OIG Program Records Officer in the management of the OIG Records Management Program;
    • Identifies and collects select OIG-specific records and ensures appropriate coverage under a National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)-approved records disposition schedule;
    • Ensures the preservation of OIG headquarters permanent records and the transfer/destruction of temporary records in accordance with NARA-approved records disposition schedules;
    • Ensures the establishment and maintenance of record-keeping requirements;
    • Makes recommendations of approval/disapproval on requests for removal of documentary materials by separating employees; and
    • Ensures the identification and transfer of all Federal records in the custody of departing OIG Immediate Office and Management Services employees and contractors to the designated OIG custodian.


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Last Modified: 11/05/2013