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The Continuation and Professional Development Grants Division is responsible for the administration of the National Professional Development Program, the Foreign Language Assistance Program, and the Native American and Alaska Native Children in School Program. In performing its responsibilities, the Division:

  • Reviews and recommends approval of discretionary program applications, negotiates changes and issues and recommends grant awards, contracts and cooperative agreements.
  • Develops a comprehensive staff development plan that includes training for all OELA staff.
  • Develops and implements, on an annual basis, a program of monitoring and technical assistance.
  • Initiates reports and follow-up activities and maintains a database of information about programs for the purpose of furnishing information, as appropriate.
  • Establishes quality control measures and performance standards for all major tasks, i.e., selection of readers, peer reviewers and reading processes.
  • Clarifies and disseminates information on regulatory interpretations and prepares amendments to regulations.
  • Responds to requests for information on all programs it administers.
  • Maintains official files for all its programs and conduct closeout activities.
  • Manages the process of identifying successful practices in programs that contribute to the quality of education nationwide.
  • Monitors and conducts on-site program reviews, reports findings and takes appropriate follow-up action.

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Last Modified: 08/16/2011