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Performance Management

Performance Management (PM) in Federal Student Aid is responsible for providing best-in-business project and program management leadership as well as facilitation and support of the FSA project/program portfolio. The FSA records management function also resides in PM. PM collects records created and maintained by FSA, implements policy and procedures to safeguard records and artifacts commensurate with the risks and magnitude of the harm that would result from the loss, misuse, or unauthorized access to such information, and establishes and coordinates an effective and efficient records management program for FSA.

To accomplish this mission, PM has four principal components:

Project Management & Oversight Group

The Project Management and Oversight Group (PMOG) is responsible for promoting the development and adoption of a project management culture throughout FSA. It manages and works collaboratively to improve program/project management standards (FSA’s Lifestyle Management Methodology) and provides project reviews to ensure adherence to FSA standards. Additionally, PMOG employees provide consulting services to FSA project managers for all project management key process areas, maintaining a library of templates and trainings aligned with international and U.S. government’s standards for program and project management (Government Accountability Office, Office of Management and Budget, and Project Management Institute). The PMOG manages FSA’s portfolio and project management tool set and has a robust training program to support FSA Project Managers’ continued professional development and certification requirements.

Investment Management Group

The Investment Management Group (IMG) is responsible for the management of current and proposed investments while optimizing the priority and sequencing of projects to achieve FSA’s business goals. Portfolio Project Managers (PPMs) work with each business unit and the enterprise as a whole to ensure project investment and oversight of resources including time, money, and people. This Group focuses on system integration strategy and annual and tactical planning for FSA investments. Included in this function is support for FSA’s Investment Review Board, management of FSA’s Enterprise Sequencing Plan, Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process requirements and artifacts, and a strong focus on enterprise needs over individual business unit needs and constraints.


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Last Modified: 11/05/2014