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Office of Legislation & Congressional Affairs (OLCA)

Date DOA Number Title of Delegation Documents Redelegation
Assistant Secretary for Legislation and Congressional Affairs
5/1/1986 EA/EJ/1 Responsibility for Congressional Relations Functions of the Department download files MS Word (25KB)
9/4/1992 EA/EJ/22 Authority Under 34 CFR Part 8 Regarding Demands for Records or Testimony in Legal Proceedings download files PDF (113KB)
11/7/1995 EA/EJ/27 Authority to Accept Gift of Travel Provided by ED Employees download files PDF (85KB)
7/31/1996 EA/EJ/28 Authority to File Written Objections to OPM Under 5 USC, Sec. 3595 (b) (3) (B) download files PDF (75KB)
7/22/1998 EA/EJ/33 Authority to Assert Deliberative Process Privilege as a Basis for Withholding Documents or Testimony Requested download files PDF (85KB)
Executive Officer, OLCA
11/4/2009 EJ/EJ/39 Authority to approve travel within the continental United States and non-foreign travel areas; to certify travel authorizations and travel vouchers, and to approve direct flights as indicated by the FTR download files PDF (113KB)
11/4/2009 EJ/EJ/40 Authority to certify funds available for administering the functions and responsibilities of OLCA download files PDF (363KB)

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Last Modified: 06/07/2013