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Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

Date DOA Number Title of Delegation Documents Redelegation
Director, Institute of Education Sciences
1/18/2006 EA/ER/5 Primary delegation of programmatic authority download files PDF (123KB)
4/11/2008 EAR/ER/6 Authority to perform all functions related to the award, management and oversight of grants and cooperative agreements download files PDF (126KB)
2/2/2010 EAR/ER/6-A Amendment to delegation EAR/ER/6 to include the authority to approve State applications and consolidated State applications, State plans and consolidated State plans for formula grants download files PDF (73KB)
3/13/2013 EA/ER/114 Person delegation to John Q. Easton to notify committees of Congress of organizational changes to the National Center for Education Statistics download files PDF (78KB)
Commissioner, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
11/16/2009 EA/ERN/7 Authority to perform the functions and duties vested by law and other delegations in the position of the Commissioner, NCES download files MS Word (261KB)
Person Delegation to Teresa Cahalan
1/29/2015 ER/ERB/115 Delegation of Authority to Request Closure/Certification download files PDF (152KB)

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Last Modified: 01/29/2015