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OM: Office of Management
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Delegations of Authority to All Principal Offices

Date DOA Number Title of Delegation Documents Redelegation
12/3/1998 EL/GEN/1 Authority to certify fund availability download files PDF (103KB)
11/23/1999 EA/GEN/3 Authority under 5 CFR Part 6301 and Executive Orders 12674 and 12731 to make determinations with respect to requests for approval of outside activities and employment download files PDF (116KB)
5/25/2004 EM/GEN/8 Authority to certify true copies of ED records in accordance with 20 U.S.C. 3485 download files PDF (79KB)
12/13/2005 EA/GEN/10 Authority for approving requests by advisory and operational committees to hold meetings at other than Headquarters location download files PDF (175KB)
12/14/2005 EA/GEN/11 Authority for making determinations that advisory committee meetings, or portions thereof, may be closed to the public download files PDF (109KB)
6/15/2006 EA/GEN/12 Authority to approve and sign certain documents for publication in the Federal Register download files PDF (261KB)
3/5/2008 EA/GEN/12-A Amendment to the authority to approve and sign certain documents for publication in the Federal Register to add the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO), Department of Education, to the list of Principal Addressees download files PDF(128KB)
4/29/2008 EA/GEN/12-B Amendment No. 2 to the authority to approve and sign certain documents for publication in the Federal Register to add the position of Chief of Staff, Office of the Secretary, to list of Principal Addressees download files PDF(127KB)
4/8/2008 EMH/GEN/13 Authority under 5 U.S.C. § 2903 to administer oaths of office to members of advisory and other committees who receive administrative support from your Principal Office, or your respective functional area of responsibility download files PDF(108KB)
5/23/2008 EI/GEN/15 Authority to approve travel within the Continental United States and “non-foreign” travel areas; to certify travel authorizations and travel vouchers, and to approve direct flights as indicated by the Federal Travel Regulation download files PDF(111KB)
9/4/1992 EA/GEN/varied2 Authority described in 34 C.F.R. Part 8 regarding demands issued to Departmental employees for testimony or records in legal proceedings download files PDF(78KB)
11/7/1995 EA/GEN/varied3 Authority to accept, pursuant to section 421 of the DEOA, 20 U.S.C. 3481, as amended, gifts of travel provided by ED employee for his or her own official travel download files PDF(84KB)
7/31/1996 EA/GEN/varied4 Authority under 5 U.S.C. Section 3595(b)(3)(B) to file written objections to the Office of Personnel Management, when appropriate, regarding referred SES qualifications download files PDF(79KB)
10/12/2012 EA/GEN/16 Authority to assert deliberative process privilege as a basis for withholding documents or testimony download files PDF(90KB)
    To All Executive Officers  
3/21/2014 EMH/GEN/401 The authority to review and sign appointment affidavits, check Form I-9 (Personnel Identification Verification (PIV) Enrollment Application) and accept personal documents at appointment for membership on Boards and Commissions. download files PDF(276KB)/
download files MS Word(28KB)

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Last Modified: 03/21/2014