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Charter Schools

November 22, 2004

  • U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education Eugene Hickok released the Evaluation of the Public Charter Schools Program (PCSP), a report from the Department's Policy and Program Studies Service. Data for the report is based on school years 1999-00, 2000-01, and 2001-02. Some highlights from the evaluation include: PCSP money is the most prevalent source of start-up funding for charter schools, and charter schools are more likely to serve minority and low-income students than traditional public schools. The Department's Institute of Education Sciences has also launched a rigorous examination of the effect of charter schools on student learning.

September 2003

  • Mayor Bart Peterson of Indianapolis issued the 2003 Accountability Report on Mayor-Sponsored Charter Schools, an in-depth analysis of the performance of the first three charter schools he authorized. To view the full report, visit Mayor Peterson's Indianapolis 2003 Accountability Report.


August 2, 2004

  • The National Center for Education Statistics released a report on home-schooled students. There were 1.1 million home-schooled children in the U.S. in 2003, up from 850,000 in 1999.

Private Schools

October 13, 2004

Reading and Non-Public Schools

June 19, 2003

School Choice

May 13, 2003

  • The Department's National Center for Education Statistics has released a report, Trends in the Use of School Choice, which shows that the percentage of students enrolled in public schools of choice increased from 11 percent in 1993 to 14 percent in 1999. In addition, parents whose children attended either public schools of choice or private schools were more likely to say they were satisfied with their children's schools, teachers, academic standards and order and discipline than were parents whose children attended public, assigned schools.

Supplemental Educational Services

July 16, 2004

  • The U.S. Department of Education has released "Early Implementation of Supplemental Educational Services Under the No Child Left Behind Act: Year One Report" download files MS Word (912K). The publication studies nine districts in six states to document how successfully states, schools, and providers implemented supplemental educational services in school year 2002-03.

Teacher Quality

August 2003

  • The Education Commission of the States recently released a report that reviews research on teacher preparation and the implications for policy. The report is based on a review of 92 studies selected, using rigorous criteria, from more than 500 originally considered. These studies were used to answer eight questions about teacher preparation that are of particular importance to policy and education leaders. The report was funded under a grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Education. For an overview and access to the full report, see ESC Teaching Quality Research Reports.


August 2003

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