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OIG Quality Standards For Alternative Products:

  • OIG Quality Standards for Alternative Products
    download files PDF (21.3K)

Management Information Reports (MIRs):

  • Misuse of FSA ID and the Personal Authentication Service. X21Q0001, Date Issued: 09/26//2016 download files PDF (4.13M)

  • Lessons from Implementing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 . X09M0002, Date Issued: 09/23/2014 download files PDF (1.32M)

  • Review of Federal Student Aid's Oversight and Monitoring of Private Collection Agency and Guaranty Agency Security Controls . X11N0003, Date Issued: 09/22/2014 download files PDF (363K)

  • IDEA Maintenance of Effort Flexibility. X09N0006, Date Issued: 07/18/2014 download files PDF (299K)

  • Third-Party Servicer Use of Debit Cards to Deliver Title IV Funds. X09N0003, Date Issued: 03/10/2014 download files PDF (542K)

  • Fraud in Title I-Funded Tutoring Programs. X42N0001, Date Issued: 10/31/2013 download files PDF (524K)

  • PIN Security Vulnerabilities. X21L0002, Date Issued: 09/30/2013 download files PDF (1.70M)

  • Student Aid Fraud Ring Assessment. X18M0001, Date Issued: 01/17/2013 download files PDF (2.12M)

  • Survey of Federal Student Aid Contracts and Guaranty Agency Agreements that Provide Information Technology Support or Services . X11L0002, Date Issued: 09/12/2011 download files PDF (104K)

  • Federal Student Aid’s Efforts to Ensure the Effective Processing of Student Loans Under the Direct Loan Program. X19K0008, Date Issued: 09/16/2010 download files PDF (145K)

  • Subrecipient Monitoring under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. X05J0019, Date Issued: 06/04/2010 download files PDF (182K)

  • Management Information Report - Review of The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’ Standards for Program Length. X13J0003, Date Issued: 05/24/2010 download files PDF (914K)

  • X42K0002 - Charter School Vulnerabilities - Date Issued: 03/09/2010
    download files PDF (2.17M)

  • X11J0002 - Weaknesses in the regulations and guidelines for Department of Education approved publishers of the Ability-to-Benefit Test - Date Issued: 01/25/2010
    download files PDF (950K)

  • X11K0001 - Definition of a High School Diploma as a Condition for Receiving Federal Student Aid - Date Issued: 01/25/2010
    download files PDF (18.7M)


  • Office of Inspector General’s Report on Policies and Practices for Covered Systems at the Department of Education - Date Issued: 08/15/2016
    download files PDF (272K)
  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act- Date Issued: 02/29/2016
    download files PDF (1.44M)
  • COD Processing Capacity - Date Issued: 06/30/2010
    download files PDF (39K)

Advisory Reports:

  • L42L0001 -Investigative Program Advisory Report (IPAR) Distance Education Fraud Rings - Date Issued: 09/26/2011
    download files PDF   (1.11M)
  • L21L0001 -Investigative Program Advisory Report (IPAR) Incident Response and Reporting Procedures - Date Issued: 07/18/2011
    download files PDF   (485K)
  • L21K0002 - Investigative Program Advisory Report (IPAR) Weaknesses in the Process for Handling Compromised Privileged Accounts - Date Issued: 09/24/2010
    download files PDF   (47K)
  • L21K0001 - Investigative Program Advisory Report (IPAR) Bypassing of Web Content Filtering - Date Issued: 07/20/2010
    download files PDF   (95K)
  • L42J0001 - Investigative Program Advisory Report (IPAR) U.S. Department of Education Transit Benefits Program and Parking Program - Date Issued: 12/16/2009
    download files PDF (305K)

Consulting Reports:

  • S15L0001 - Title IV Additional Servicers Capacity Assessment. - Date Issued: 12/15/2011
    download files PDF (3.99M)

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