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By clicking on the hypertext words below, you can access documents developed by various Government and Industry sources to assist in the conduct and understanding of Single Audits and Audits of Student Financial Assistance (SFA Audits). Most of the documents are hyperlinked to other Web Pages where the actual documents reside. Many of the documents are stored in PDF format. To view these documents you will need to have a PDF Reader installed on your computer. To view information about PDF formats including downloading the Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer Click Here.

Pages have been set up to provide:

  • Links to Government Resources
  • Documents unique to SFA Audits, including Audit Guides
  • Information on the ED/OIG Non-Federal Audit Team
  • A friendly Wizard to answer your most probing questions relating to Single Audits and SFA Audits.
  • Link to information about State Grants Under the State Fiscal Stabilization Program funded under the Recovery Act (NOTE: The 4th Bullet, Guidance, includes Guidance issued on December 24, 2009: Guidance for Grantees and Auditors: State Fiscal Stabilization Program).

If a document that you are looking for (relating to Single or SFA Audits) is not available from this Web Page, please send an E-Mail message to Non-Federal Audit Team. Other comments to improve the usefulness of this WebPage are greatly appreciated.


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Last Modified: 11/03/2010