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8002 Operations

8003 Operations



10 AL Alabama Thurmond Montgomery-
Akamefula Spruill
11 AK Alaska Thurmond Butterworth Edwards Scott
12 AZ Arizona Thurmond Matthews Scott Scott
13 AR Arkansas Thurmond Dunham Edwards Scott
14 CA California 0001-1513
Thurmond Dunham Edwards Scott
14 CA California 1514-End
Thurmond Eggleston Scott Scott
15 CO Colorado Thurmond Thomas Akamefula Rempson
16 CT Connecticut Thurmond Hill Edwards Rempson
17 DE Delaware Thurmond Matthews Farmer Scott
18 DC District of Columbia Thurmond Eggleston Farmer Spruill
19 FL Florida Thurmond Hill Edwards Rempson
20 GA Georgia Thurmond Hill Akamefula Rempson
21 HI Hawaii Thurmond Butterworth Farmer Scott
22 ID Idaho Thurmond Matthews Farmer Spruill
23 IL Illinois Thurmond Eggleston Scott Rempson
24 IN Indiana Thurmond Dunham Akamefula Rempson
25 IA Iowa Thurmond Matthews Farmer Torchon
26 KS Kansas Thurmond Hill Farmer Spruill
27 KY Kentucky Thurmond Hill Scott Scott
28 LA Louisiana Thurmond Hill Akamefula Rempson
29 ME Maine Thurmond Dunham Akamefula Scott
30 MD Maryland Thurmond Matthews Edwards Spruill
31 MA Massachusetts Thurmond Thomas Akamefula Scott
32 MI Michigan Thurmond Montgomery-
Farmer Spruill
33 MN Minnesota Thurmond Matthews Scott Spruill
34 MS Mississippi Thurmond Hill Scott Scott
35 MO Missouri Thomas Montgomery-
Edwards Rempson
36 MT Montana Thomas Dunham Akamefula Torchon
37 NE Nebraska Thomas Montgomery-
Akamefula Rempson
38 NV Nevada Thomas Dunham Edwards Rempson
39 NH New Hampshire Thomas Dunham Akamefula Rempson
40 NJ New Jersey Thomas Hill Scott Scott
41 NM New Mexico Thomas Hill Edwards Torchon
42 NY New York Thomas Dunham Edwards Torchon
43 NC North Carolina Thomas Montgomery-
Edwards Rempson
44 ND North Dakota Thomas Dunham Edwards Spruill
45 OH Ohio Thomas Thomas Akamefula Torchon
46 OK Oklahoma 0001-0720 Thurmond Thurmond Akamefula Scott
46 OK Oklahoma 0721-END Thurmond Butterworth Scott Scott
47 OR Oregon Thomas Thomas Farmer Scott
48 PA Pennsylvania Thomas Thomas Scott Spruill
49 RI Rhode Island Thomas Thomas Farmer Scott
50 SC South Carolina Thomas Montgomery-Jackson Edwards Rempson
51 SD South Dakota Thomas Montgomery-Jackson Edwards Torchon
52 TN Tennessee Thomas Hill Farmer Rempson
53 TX Texas Thomas Eggleston Akamefula Torchon
54 UT Utah Thomas Thomas Farmer Spruill
55 VT Vermont Thomas Hill Edwards Scott
56 VA Virginia Thomas Montgomery-Jackson Scott Spruill
57 WA Washington Thomas Eggleston Farmer Scott
58 WV West Virginia Thomas Matthews Akamefula Scott
59 WI Wisconsin Thomas Thomas Akamefula Rempson
60 WY Wyoming Thomas Thomas Akamefula Rempson
63 GU Guam   Eggleston Torchon Torchon
64 PR Puerto Rico   Eggleston Torchon Torchon
66 VI Virgin Islands   Eggleston Torchon Torchon

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Last Modified: 05/18/2015