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OELA: Office of English Language Acquisition
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Office Contacts

Office of the Assistant Deputy Secretary

OELA currently consists of the Office of the Assistant Deputy Secretary and Director, the Special Initiatives Division, and the Title III Discretionary Grants Division. The State Title III Formula Grants Division is under the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education and collaborates closely with OELA to ensure continuous communication and to maximize internal expertise.

Special Initiatives Division

The Special Initiatives Division has lead responsibility for special initiatives and activities that strengthen and enhance the work of the office and others in supporting and addressing services to ELL students. The Division carries out this mission by overseeing and drawing together critical office and Department requirements under NCLB. Working under the leadership of the Director and in close working relationship with the other OELA Division, the SI Division works to link resources and information, promote and enhance the involvement of families in the educational process, and support and undertake special initiatives to coordinate, strengthen and unify services to ELLs across the office, the Department, with SEAs, LEAs and other ELL service providers.

Discretionary Grants Division

The Discretionary Grants Division is responsible for the administration of the National Professional Development Program; the Foreign Language Assistance Program and the Native American and Alaska Native Children in School Program. In addition, the Division supports the National Security Language Initiative for improving foreign language teaching and learning of critical languages through elementary and secondary foreign language programs in States and local educational agencies. In performing its responsibilities the Division reviews and recommends approval of discretionary grant applications, provides technical assistance to discretionary grant applicants and grantees, and monitors grantee performance.


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Last Modified: 08/20/2014