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ODS: Office of the Deputy Secretary
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Office of the Deputy Secretary

Photo of John B. King, Jr., Senior Advisor Delegated Duties of Deputy Secretary of Education

The Office of the Deputy Secretary, under the leadership of the Deputy Secretary, assists the Secretary in the discharge of Secretarial duties and responsibilities. The Deputy Secretary serves as Acting Secretary in the absence of the Secretary. The Deputy Secretary focuses on the development and implementation of policies, programs, and activities relating to elementary and secondary education matters. This mission addresses a wide spectrum of interests ranging from safe and drug free schools, special education and rehabilitative services, to the education of students living in poverty and students with linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, and the promotion of educational reforms.

The Deputy Secretary also has responsibility for the conduct of the intergovernmental relations of the Department in accordance with 20 U.S.C. 3412(a) (2) (A), the Department of Education Organization Act, as amended.

The Office of Innovation and Improvement reports directly to the Deputy Secretary. In addition, the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, Performance Improvement Office, and Risk Management Service report to the Office of the Deputy Secretary.

Performance Improvement Office
The Performance Improvement Officer (PIO) and team are responsible for the ongoing development of the Department’s performance management discipline, and its commitment to achieve great performance results through strategic planning, performance communications, audits and organizational accountability, and organizational assessment and continuous improvement. This team also leverages other organizational business imperatives such as customer satisfaction, innovation, risk management and employee engagement to advance ED’s desire to leverage stronger evidence and data usage, build greater accountability and stewardship through performance integration, and continue to develop and recognize the critical people responsible for the results.Under the leadership of the Deputy Secretary as the Department’s Chief Operating Officer, the PIO team manages the Department’s compliance with the Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRA-MA), the underlying law that defines federal performance management requirements. The OMB Memorandum A-11, the President’s Management Agenda and associated cross-agency priority (CAP) goals, along with other Administration mandates give annotation to and operationalize the law. The Deputy Secretary and the PIO lead quarterly data-driven strategic reviews of the Department’s progress against its strategic plan, related goals and targets. The PIO team also conducts semi-annual FedStat review exercises with OMB, using comparative data from the 24 CFO Act agencies to baseline ED’s performance against other federal agencies of similar or disparate size and portfolio. The Deputy Secretary also uses the collaboration with ED leaders to gauge results, identify performance and resource gaps, and utilize candid policy, programmatic and operational information to inform and improve the Department’s decision-making.

Performance Improvement Office Contacts
Mark R. Washington, Performance Improvement Officer
Erin L. McHugh, Deputy Performance Improvement Officer


Last Modified: 11/19/2015