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Questions and Answers on Race Discrimination

Are all school districts, colleges, and universities covered by Title VI?

Virtually all public school districts are covered by Title VI because they receive some federal financial assistance. Public colleges and universities generally receive federal financial assistance, and most private colleges and universities receive such assistance. There are some private colleges that do not receive any federal assistance, and Title VI does not apply to them.

Are all programs in a school or college covered if it receives federal financial assistance?

Generally, all programs in a school or college are covered if the school or college receives federal financial assistance.

Does Title VI cover just students?

No, Title VI protects all participants in the program from discrimination, including parents, students, and to a limited degree, employees.

Does Title VI cover just education programs?

No, Title VI covers all programs of a school or college that receives financial assistance including academics, extracurricular, and athletics. Also, Title VI applies to all activities of a school or college, even those that occur off campus.

What types of cases does OCR handle?

OCR handles cases of discrimination in issues such as discipline, racial harassment, and denial of language services to national origin minority students who are English language learners.

Last Modified: 10/16/2015