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Resolution Agreement
Sycamore Community Schools

District Offices
Adrienne C. James, Ed.D., Superintendent
Frank A. Forsthoefel, Assistant Superintendent
Beth A Weber, Treasurer

September 5, 2013


The District agrees to take the following actions, by October 30, 2013, to resolve the complaint filed in your office regarding XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX:

  • Convene an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting to discuss the Students IEP. The student's parents will be invited to the IEP meeting.  The student's IEP team will review the current IEP and make any modifications  as  appropriate
  • During the IEP meeting, the team will also address opportunities for remediation for the Student to address any instance in which the Student's teacher was not recording homework assignments in his agenda book as agreed to at a January 2013 IEP meeting.

By November 15, 2013, the District will provide OCR with documentation confirming that the Student's IEP team convened and discussed the matters outlined above. Such documentation will include the District's invitation to the parents to participate in the IEP meeting and notes from the Student's IEP meeting confirming that the above matters were discussed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. The District appreciates the opportunity to work collaboratively with the parents to resolve any issues around XXXXXXXXXX educational programming.



Director of Student Services

Last Modified: 03/13/2014