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Title VI: Christina School District (DE) (03-10-5001)

The Christina School District (District) entered into a voluntary Resolution Agreement to resolve a Title VI compliance review that OCR initiated that focused on whether the District subjected African American students to discrimination on the basis of race by disciplining them more frequently and more harshly than similarly situated White students.  Based on its investigation, OCR found that the District discriminated against African American students by disciplining them more frequently and more harshly than similarly-situated white students in violation of Title VI.  The Agreement, entered into after OCR concluded its investigation, requires the District to retain a consultant to review District policies, conduct a longitudinal study of discipline data, and provide technical assistance to the District.  The Agreement also requires the District to develop and implement strategies for encouraging and reinforcing positive student behavior as well as to implement strategies and interventions prior to suspending a student.  The District will revise its discipline policies and school climate surveys, obtain feedback from students through forum discussions, conduct an informational program for students, parents and guardians to explain the District’s discipline policies, and behavioral expectations.  The Agreement requires the District to revise and upgrade its data collection systems that track disciplinary referrals and outcomes and to create a process for schools to review their discipline data and identify student and staff needs for support. The District will also conduct an annual comprehensive review of SRO interventions and practices to assess their effectiveness and identify any changes that should be made to ensure that they are aligned with the goals and objectives of this Agreement.   A discipline review team will be established by the District to randomly review a percentage of the disciplinary actions taken at each District Student school on an ongoing basis to insure that the actions taken were non-discriminatory and consistent with the District’s student discipline policies and practices.  The Agreement requires the District to address identified instances of different treatment by correcting students’ records and provide notice to parents.  The Agreement also requires extensive training of staff.  
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Last Modified: 07/09/2013