OCR: Office for Civil Rights
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Customer Service Standards for the Case Resolution Process

Availability of OCR services: OCR will provide all customers with access to its case resolution process by making staff available to speak with customers at a time and in a manner that are mutually convenient, and by making OCR’s services readily available.

Clarity of communication: OCR’s communication with customers, including customers who have limited English proficiency and customers with disabilities, will be clear and understandable.

Consideration for customers: OCR will be considerate of customers’ needs and circumstances, including time, when making requests for data or other information.

Courtesy: OCR will treat all customers with courtesy and respect.

Fairness: OCR will conduct case resolution activities in a manner that is objective, unbiased, and impartial.

High quality of case resolution activities: All OCR case resolution activities will be conducted consistent with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures and established agency quality standards.

Professionalism: OCR will abide by applicable standards of conduct, privacy requirements, and Departmental regulations, policies, and procedures.

Promptness: OCR will conduct case resolution activities in a timely and efficient manner, and will respond to telephone calls and correspondence from customers promptly.

Communication about the status of cases: OCR will communicate with appropriate frequency with customers about the status of their case.

Responses to questions: OCR will listen carefully to and work to understand all customer concerns and questions, and will provide appropriate information in response.

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Last Modified: 03/08/2005