OCFO: Office of Chief Financial Officer
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Post Audit Group (PAG)

Post Audit Group
Chuck Laster at (202)245-8017 or Charles.Laster@ed.gov

Audit Accountability and Resolution Tracking System (AARTS)
Diane Gregory at (202)245-8037 or Diane.Gregory@ed.gov

Audit Resolution
(Submission of OMB A-133 Audit Reports or Receipt of OIG-External Audit Reports)
Sherrice Rucker at (202)245-8091 or Sherrice.Rucker@ed.gov

Audit Resolution Policy and Regulations
Randy Prindle at (202)245-8085 or Randy.Prindle@ed.gov

General Education Provisions Act (GEPA) Triage Strategy
Sherrice Rucker at (202)245-8091 or Sherrice.Rucker@ed.gov

OMB Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement
Richard Esterbrook at (202)245-8029 or Richard.Esterbrook@ed.gov

Semiannual Report
Abigail Cornish at (202)245-8022 or Abigail.Cornish@ed.gov

Federal Audit Clearinghouse
Sherrice Rucker at (202)245-8091 or Sherrice.Rucker@ed.gov

Waivers for A-133 Low Risk Auditees
Lihong Guo at (202)245-8039 or Lihong.Guo@ed.gov

Post Audit Group
550 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20202


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Last Modified: 07/30/2012